Unique home decor and more!

We carry a large inventory of unique home furnishings, home decor, women's clothing and handbags. If you are looking for a special gift for that special someone, come by and see us. Metered parking right out front...and free parking on weekends!
  1. Jewelry by LeMeyers
    Jewelry by LeMeyers
    Locally made jewelry!
  2. Gifts for the man
    Gifts for the man
  3. Buy Local
    Buy Local
    Supporting a local business helps to send a child to swim lessons, instead of a CEO moving his plant to Mexico to make more profit.
  4. Beer caddy please!
    Beer caddy please!
  5. Jewelry for you
    Jewelry for you
    Lenny & Eva's custom jewelry
  6. Mona B handbags
    Mona B handbags
  7. Clothing for her
    Clothing for her